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Same Sex Ceremonies by Rev. Lyn

Gay Marriages, Civil Unions & Commitment Ceremonies

Marriage matters. Love matters. Enough Said.

I am honored and delighted to officiate at same-sex wedding ceremonies, elopements, renewal of vows, and transition ceremonies. I am passionate about my work and LOVE meeting and getting to know all the couples I work with. It is my joy to work with people in love and to help make their wedding day the day of their dreams!

In Florida, your loving and committed relationship with all the rights and privileges of marriage is now a reality! Whether you consider your same sex wedding an act of courage, and act of love or both, planning your same sex wedding ceremony will be a process that is joyful, liberating, and comforting. The path to marriage will be one that you will always treasure as a time of deep connection and growth, for each partner individually, and for your partnership as a couple.

We all imagine and hope for this world of beauty, a world that cheers equality in marriage, traditional and gay marriages. By our public actions we strengthen our own relationships and build bridges of understanding to those around us; those who might not quite see that committed love is a gift to all it touches.

I am especially pleased to officiate at the Weddings of gay and lesbian couples, because I believe that the boundaries of Love cannot be regulated. Serving all equally and without judgement is my work - no matter your lifestyle, faith, color, or ethnicity!

As a wedding officiant, it is my great joy to create a marriage ceremony that is touching, intimate and encompassing. We will use language that is comfortable and authentic. We'll include elements that express your relationship in the most meaningful and personal way; stories about your journey; readings, music and enchantments that speak to you and of you. If you have children, we can include them, too.

Whether you want to do something totally traditional or a ceremony that is totally over-the-top. We just need to talk about it! There are no rules to follow. There is only the hard won celebration of your partnership as expressed in your wedding ceremony. The possibilities are endless, so let's start planning today.


Cathie B. wrote - "What impressed us the most about Rev. Lyn was her professionalism and ability to tailor the service... We resonated to the beautiful, touching prayers which were heartfelt and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rev. Lyn for any event." more