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Wedding by Rev. Lyn

Provided by Jim Jackson

My partner and I have been together for 24 years, since March 20, 1991. Although we really never thought that we would see the day in FL when same sex couples would have the right to get married, that day finally came.

We got our license on the 17th of March which gave us only three days to find a minister since we wanted to be married on what has traditionally been our anniversary. We live in Ft. lauderdale but wanted to exchange vows in Daytona Beach with his mother, (my now legal mother in law) as witness to the commitment. My mother in law got in touch with Rev. Lyn Daniels.

Rev. Lyn made the time to perform the ceremony with the short notice given. the ceremony was written by Rev. Lyn and was beautifully worded and it felt a though she knew exactly who we were from having had a conversation on the phone. When we met Lyn, within minutes we felt as though she is an old friend whom we just hadn’t seen for awhile.

I cannot say enough good and positive things about Rev. Lyn, her method and ability to put you at ease and bring you to tears with her ceremony, prayers and blessing all brought back the sense of spirituality and relationship with God that I had been distant from. It was truly a beautiful experience. I will definitely use her for all of my future weddings! LOL

Rev. Lyn, you are the best!

With Love,
Jim and Rob

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